Fabric by Cotone

STAY dayoff's bedding is cleaned and arranged every day. We provide the Cotone's bedding prepared with decent materials but practical. The Percale washable bedding set gives a crisp feel and is also durable. As well as the 100% cotton duvet fulfills your needs all year round.


Bed by 60 seconds

STAY dayoff has two bedrooms. The two bedrooms seem similar, but vary in some areas, such as the location of the windows and the height of the ceiling. Especially the bed. Both bedrooms have two beds from the brand 60 second for your decent and comfortable rest.

The Re:standard coconut mattress installed in the first bedroom consists of cotton, wool, coconut, which are closest to nature, providing a comfortable and healthy sleep for those who are sensitive with excellent ventilation and antibacterial power.

The Breeze foam mattress installed in the second bedroom has a simple design that satisfies both the quality of sleep and the practicality of life, with a soft cushion and support.

60 seconds

Furniture by Kaareklint & GRIDS

STAY dayoff's furniture was created by the excellent design by Z_Lab and the hands of Kaareklint and GRIDS. In the experience of designing Hanok stays several times, they designed furniture of modern life that fits into the Hanok and filled the space with furniture made with the wooden furniture brand Kaareklint and GRIDS, which has made custom furniture that fits the space.


Kitchen by GRIDS

STAY dayoff's kitchen has quite minimal features. Seochon's gourmet alley is full of eateries. As it's located at the center of Seoul, you can get any delivered food as well. We designed a kitchen for the minimal function to seize the beauty rather than cooking facilities. When you open the drawer, you can find not only variety of dishes, but also a refrigerator.


Seochon, Another Hanok

STAY dayoff

6, Jahamun-ro 1da-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Business License Number 446-08-01536

Mail order license number 2015-서울종로-0499